JAPAN 2016

JAPAN 2016

photos by David Chiou, Desmond Centro, and Megan Tomino

After the week long jet lag and month full of styling gigs, I finally got time to sit down and go through all our memories from Tokyo. I feel like it's been so long, but one of the things I remember about our trip was not wanting to come home! Ten days was not enough, especially in such a perfect place like Japan. Everywhere you go the food is always good, the people are incredibly kind, the city is so clean, and everything is just so accessible. I ate so much ramen and sushi, picked up some amazing vintage pieces, drank lots of matcha lattes, and was lucky enough to see the sakura bloom!

I was also got to catch up and see some of my oldest friends who took me to the coolest and yummiest hole in the wall spots. Thank you Kyle and Crystal for being such awesome hosts!

Excited to get back soon!