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#HIpei14 1

Lindsey HigaComment
#HIpei14 1

pc: Desmond Centro and David Chiou

(photos are in chronological order)

Who knew that Taiwan would instantly one of my favorite cities in the world? From the mouth watering cuisine, to the incredibly friendly people, it was truly such a wonderful experience. 8 days were way too short, and I can't wait to head back again soon. 

Din Tai Fung

Sweater from Salt + Sand / Zara Crop Top / Fighting Eel Pant Alex / Stussy Beanie / Top Shop Studded Boots

Famous for their soup dumplings, we were already craving this place before we got on the plane! So typically it was our first stop after a 10 hour plane ride, and boy was that 45 minute wait worth it. The service was perfect, and the food was even better. After 3 dozen soup dumplings soaked in a delicious concoction (chili oil, shoyu, vinegar, and fresh ginger) and a table full of dim sum later, our stomachs were jumping with joy! We knew we'd be back again..

Taipei 101

Being the third tallest building in the world, we were dying to get to the top! Unfortunately we never did because the weather was so horrible, and we knew we'd be looking out into a sky full of clouds. But on the up side, it was connected to multiple shopping malls where we found our ever so faithful Zara and the ulitmate Shu Uemura! 

National Palace Museum

Top Shop Petite Jamie Jeans / Zara Denim Top / Chevalier Jacket from Aritzia San Francisco / Cashmere Duster by Calypso St. Barth / Loafers by Kurt Geiger 

We never went in, but we did get amazing pictures with the view! :)

Shilin Night Market

Where do I even begin!? We kind of rushed through the whole shopping scene because we were starving to find the food, and it was definitely worth it. Their infamous fried chicken, oyster vermicelli (where we fell in love), fresh sugar cane juice, seasoned grilled squid, and so many other crazy food stands lined the busy streets. We tried things we'd never seen before, which is really what it was all about. 

Lantern Festival

On our way home, we stopped by the Lantern Festival which only happens once a year! The park was full of colorful light decorations, life-size lanterns, and a huge moving horse to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Kind of weird, but extremely cool.


Private Party Sweater / Bucket Hat from Muji

We trekked (by cab) in the pouring rain into the mountains of Jiufen. Probably not the best day to go for tea, but getting soaking wet was actually pretty fun! Our cab driver was a bit crazy, stopping in the middle of a very windy road to retrieve his cell phone somewhere on the ground, but lucky for us we made it there alive. Food and shop vendors lined the long trail up to the tea houses, which made it a great place to buy gifts.  

Adventures in Zhishan with Ayaka

J. Crew Tissue Turtle Neck / J. Crew Linen Baseball Tee / J. Crew Drapey Drawstring Pant / J. Crew Chambray Baseball Cap / Nike WIndbreaker 

My close college friend had just moved back home to Taiwan and offered to show us around her home town. We went on a beautiful hike that overlooked all of Taipei, followed by two lunches (yes two), and dessert.  Beef noodle soup, fried rice, steamed and fried dumplings, hot and sour soup, and taro filled pancakes left me full for approximately 7 hours that day. But you know me, I was eating again at our all-you-can-eat shabu shabu dinner that night. 

Part 2 of our Taipei adventures coming soon!