pc: Desmond Centro


Beet Cured Lox
with poached eggs, arugula pesto, herbs, and fried capers

Smashed Potatoes
with roasted garlic vinaigrette, charred negi aioli and herbs

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
with bacon fat and toasted garlic

Kale Salad
with my famous anchovy viniagrette

Roasted Red Onions
with sweet cherry tomatoes, balsamic, and pepper

House Made Breads
croissants, focaccia, and french bread

Nalo Juice Company
assorted cold pressed juices

Charcuterie & Cheese Slab

Yesterday morning my good friend and food blogger, Megan Tomino and I cooked up a delicious brunch for some of our closest friends. Megan did most of the cooking, baking up an amazing assortment of breads and curing the most beautiful looking lox I've ever seen! We had such a blast cooking up all these tasty dishes, and it's always so fun assisting Megan in the kitchen. I've learned so much about food and cooking from her, and for that I am truly grateful! Stay tuned to more #FAFAFAF (Food And Fashion And Fashion and Food) posts.