Roses are Red


pc: Desmond

Vintage floral shirt from Barrio Vintage $14 / Diesel High-Waisted Shorts / Calvin Klein Heels $80 from Nordstrom Rack / Forever 21 Gold Chain Necklace / Sunglasses from Homecoming Honolulu $14 

When browsing through vintage clothing, the print and color of a piece are the first things to always catch my eye. Sometimes I'm so in love with the print of something, I buy it no matter how it fits or what the style is. I find that that's the beauty of vintage shopping. It not only saves you tons of money, but allows you to get creative! Whether you're tearing it apart and making it something new, or discovering new and unique ways to wear it, it helps integrate more originality into your wardrobe. 

(Aka I think I'm gonna cut the sleeves off this baby. YAH YUH!)