It was all totally worth it. The show ran smoothly and I had the best and most beautiful models I could ask for! Thank you to all you girls for being apart of this with me, your beauty and talent made the show such a success! 

And also thank you to Faye and the girls at Color Cuts for all your hard work and letting us use your salon! We got so many compliments on the hair, and it went perfectly with all the outfits! I also have to thank Dulce and Royal of Timeless Classic beauty for the flawless makeup they did on all the girls. THEY ALL LOOKED PERFECT! 

And of course Karisa Hayashi!!! Thank you so much for asking me to be apart of this event! Without  you, I would have never gotten this amazing opportunity. I love you, you crazy girl!!

And thanks to all my helpers (Alana, Megan, Jace, Katrina, Reva, Mari, Mom, Aunty D, Uncle Cal, and Mari)!! Thanks mom for making all the veggie platters for the girls, and organizing and commuting everything for me! 

I'm beyond happy with how everything turned out, and hopefully I'll be apart of another show in the future! It was definitely a lot of hard work and organization, but every person involved helped make the show more and more successful. Couldn't be more blessed and thankful to you all who were apart of this. More pics to come!