Farmers Market


J Brand skinnys / New Mikkat Market top $40

Deep fried kale topped with ahi and yummy sauces

Deep fried taro and banana w/ chocolate and whip cream

New nails!

As you can see I was lip locked to this yummy passion ginger drink at the Farmers Market today. I even went back for a refill! It's so refreshing and healthy for humid days in Hawaii. I also indulged in grilled abalone with a dash of Tabasco and Ponzu sauce, a bit of lilikoi cheesecake, and that amazing deep fried deliciousness above (all before dinner). Most of you probably know next to my passion for fashion, I am also a huge foodie. Recently someone suggested I also start a food blog, but that would just get a little crazy. You can though, check out many of my indulgences on my Instagram (elleye). Food and fashion, the two greatest things in life right?