FE Kailua Grand Opening


DJ DEKO Sound in the mix! Best DJ in Hawaii!

The little people of Fighting Eel

What's a party without a champagne tower!?

Babies everywhere. Duh.

The best cupcakes in town by Let Them Eat Cupcakes! 

Mini Eel models stoked to start the show!


Fashion show preperations!!

The one and only Yasmin Dar!

Fighting Eel gal Erica Miguel

Becca killed it for her first time down the runway!


The amazing and talented women behind Fighting Eel. My heroes!

The grand opening was such a success and so much fun! Great grubs my Let Them Eat Cupcakes and Maile's Thai Bistro, and the best music in town by my good friend DJ DEKO. Oh, and let's not forget the kick butt fashion show I styled, and Fighting Eel everywhere!!! If you haven't gotten your hands on our Spring collection come get it quick, we have such a limited supply! Thanks to all who came and supported!! Cheers to more great years ahead!