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Linz3 Comments

Me: Aloha Friday Sunglasses / Rylie: Max & Co. leopard print scarf / Ray Ban Rounded Wayfarer $129

Leopard blazer from Mikinola / Black floppy hat $25

Crew Cuts plaid shirt / Club Monaco hat


Meet Rylie. I know most of you already have, but for those of you who don't know her, she's my mini me slash bff. She's a 30 year old preschooler with chipmunk cheeks, and a never ending desire to always wear lipstick. Last night as we were driving to a Christmas party, she randomly started saying,"squirrel." She told me that's what you're suppose to say when you spot Christmas lights. "Look at all the squirrels! Squirrel that one!" She teaches me important things like this on a daily basis. So lucky to have this little one in my life! Enjoy!