pc: Desmond Centro

H&M Wide Leg Jeans / Mikoh Huahine Top in Swell Lines / J. Crew Boyfriend Shirt / Janessa Leone Vincent Hat / Raen Flowers Sunglasses / Cole Haan Strappy Black Heels 

It's such a surreal moment when that something you've been searching high and low for finally makes its way into your hands. Angels are singing sweetly in the background and you've hit an all time high. That's pretty much how I felt when I walked into H&M Waikiki about a week ago. These pants have been making a killing in the fashion world, and I love that baggy pants are all the rage. I've seen people wear it in so many different ways, but unfortunately for me (and my height), I can't throw them on with a pair of sneakers which would be so ideal. Thank God I have my trusty and most comfortable Cole Haan heels, that I paired with my version of Hawaii Spring layering. I tried to go for my ever so faithful tomboy-ish look, while including tiny hints of femininity with the striped bandeau and my strappy heels. ENJOY!