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Drunk In Love

Lindsey Higa1 Comment

pc: Christian Cook

Mikoh Xavier One Piece / Luv Aj x Stone Cold Fox Devandra Belt / Ray Ban Round Metal Sunglasses

It was an incredible day. After barely waking up, then grabbing my phone to check Instagram, I discovered I won the #jcrewdenim contest and screamed uncontrollably. If that's not the best start to your day, or the best thing that's happened all year, I don't know what is. We topped off the day by heading up north for a relaxing adventure to the sand bar. We splashed around and got crazy trying to capture these unreal images by my good friend Christian Cook. Had a blast trying to pretend I was B in "Drunk In Love", and maybe I got really close!?!  It was an absolutely perfect day, and I couldn't ask for more.