Lindsey HigaComment


Lindsey HigaComment

pc: Desmond Centro

J. Crew Heart Shirt / Virginia Paresa Hawaii Basketball Jersey / MBxFE Short Ray in Black Palm / Stussy Beanie / Ray Ban Sunglasses / J. Crew Sloane Mirror Metallic Pumps


Stoked to be repping some major local talent in this post! FIrst off, this 'Hawaii Basketball Jersey' I'm wearing is another amazing piece by Virginia. I love the feminine touch and rawness of it! Secondly, these are my new favorite shorts from Fighting Eel's collab with my dear friend Matt Bruening. And the palm print is by no one other than my sister, Jordan Higa! I've seriously worn these shorts at least 5 times since I got them last Thursday. There's no such thing as overkill when it comes to these baby's. Get your hands on more collaboration pieces at your nearest FE store!