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Brick Walls

Lindsey Higa2 Comments

pc: Desmond Centro

Zara Leopard Trousers / Vintage Cut-Up Vest / Top Shop Hat  and Sneakers / Quay Sunglasses / Kate Spade Earrings / RIngs by By Chari and La Muse / Bracelets by Padma and Pickles, J.Crew, Shell High, and Devin Krista Jewelry 

Just got back from San Francisco early this morning, and man am I tired. Now I need a RELAXING vacation! Unfortunately I didn't have my photog with me, but hope you followed my 4 day vacay over Instagram!

I shot this right before I left (and if you don't know yet), I'm back to being a brunette. Trying to get to a bob, but you know how that goes.