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Black Out

Lindsey HigaComment

pc: Desmond Centro

NLP High Neck Bandeau / Fighting Eel Pant Alex /  Reebok Freestyle Hi / Stussy Rain Cap / Rings by Kira Hawaii, Bliss Lau, By Chari, and Hooked Up Hawaii 

I may be going through an all black clothing phase, but there's really nothing I love more. My newest addition being this awesome rain cap by Stussy. It actually fits my head, which never happens! I also picked up a couple of beanies that'll be making an appearance on the blog soon!

These black pants by Fighting Eel are literally my go-to's! I own them in 7 different colors (I swear i'm not crazy) and I wear them at least twice a week. If you don't own a pair I consider you get one fast!

My mom used to own these exact pair of Reeboks. I really wanted to find a cool pair of sneakers while I was in New York, and seeing these just held such sentimental value. Plus black goes with almost everything and who doesn't love a pair of old school high tops right!?

And we can't forget about my NLP top that I had to go on a mad search for. It felt so good when I finally found it and held it in my hands! If you haven't seen any of Beyonce's new video's yet, her dancers are wearing NLP suits in her Blow video. And even better, my style icon Solange makes an appearance!