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Withdrawals are no bueno! The only other time I've ever felt sad after leaving somewhere was Namotu, and now New York!

For one, I had the most amazing meals I've ever had in my life. I love Asian food and seafood more than anything, and those NY restaurants really did blow my mind. Ippudo, Cocoron, Ootoya, and Han Joo are def the best places to go for Japanese and Korean food. I also ate at Chelsea Market a couple of times and got my raw oyster and crab fix at Cull & Pistol. Everything was incredibly fresh and delicious! And of course Smorgasburg spoiled us with tons of amazing food vendors. I had the best buffalo wings of my life there, that I couldn't help but go back for seconds. The view of the city it breath taking, which makes your whole eating experience a million times better!

Shopping is a whole nuther story. I shopped almost every day while I was there (of course), and I can officially say that I had a successful shopping experience! Wandering side streets and stumbling upon all the flagship stores in Soho, and discovering tons of little boutiques in Williamsburg and Nolita was such a treat. Creatures of Comfort, In God We Trust, Opening Ceremony, Theory, and Love Adorned were my absolute favorites. Such a dream...

I was also lucky enough to get a tour of Theory HQ by my sister, and meet the CEO Andrew Rosen. The space is so beautiful, and it was such a joy to meet her co-workers, who are some of the creative minds behind one of my favorite clothing company's. She also took me to Milk Studios to peek into a Theory shoot going down, which was incredibly exciting! Definitely one of my highlights!


I want to send a huge thank you to everyone that made this trip TOO memorable for me! Especially Aunty Ann for letting us stay at her amazing Park Slope home, and my sister for being such a wonderful host to me!

Can't wait to go back to NY again..maybe next year!?!